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Spotlight on Jean Chesley Sautter

Submitted by vsample on Tue, 03/29/2016 - 11:07

Jean Chesley Sautter was born in the Southeastern Washington farm town of Prosser. Fortunately she was the oldest of three children - her mother having told her that if her brother had been born first there wouldn't have been anymore!!

Jean graduated from Prosser High School and went to college at Washington State University in Pullman.  After two years Jean married and had two wonderful daughters. She moved back to the Tri-Cities area as a single mother and finished attaining a degree in Business from Washington State University-Tri-Cities while working at a Title Insurance Company and then at a dealers only auto auction.

When looking for a table for lunch on auction days she noticed there was always a fairly noisy, fun loving and very friendly group from Montana and she started joining them. One of the guys in the that group was Steve Sautter - a Townsend native and a member of the GREAT BCHS graduation class of 1970!!  One night, Steve apparently didn't have a ride of his own and repeatedly turned down offers of a ride back to his hotel.  Eventually Steve asked Jean for a ride n the new Musting she had bought that day, and they  have been pretty much together since then.

After a time Steve asked Jean to marry him AND to move to Montana. Fortunately, Jean accepted both and relocated with Steve to Missoula.  While living in Missoula Jean attended the University of Montana and earned an MBA.  She took a job working at a Missoula car dealership and later at a Regional Television Broadcasting group in Missoula. 

As Missoula continued to grow so did the problems that come with living in a growing, congested city. Traffic became horrific in Missoula and Jean and Steve lived near the intersection with Resever at Costco -- very frustrating. Add in growing local government with ever increasing local tax burdens and the dissatisfaction with Missoula grew. Steve and Jean decided it was time to move Steve back to Townsend. They bought an older motor home and put their Missoula home on the market.

Steve wanted to find a place in Broadwater County with a lot of room and NO close neighbors. While looking for the right place they moved the motor home to Steve's brother's place in Deep Creek Canyon near Cabin Gulch.  Since Steve still works several days a week and commutes to Spokane, Jean enjoyed the quiet and solitude of being well out of town -- since cell phone reception was extremely spotty and she had no internet, Jean got to spend lots of time by herself enjoying nature -- including her new neighbor a nice sized brown bear.  Jean enjoyed working outside carrying her Smith & Wesson in case the neighbor decided to visit.

After an attempt to buy property in the Goose Bay area fell through, Jean and Steve decided they could live a little closer to town that Steve originally planned. So, driving around the golf course area they bought a house across the street from Paul and Jaunita Bray -- affectionately known by some of us as the Class of '70 Circle!

Jean was raised in a very community oriented family. Her mother was honored as the Prosser Outstanding Lady of the Year for her community service.  Jean served on the United Way of Missoula County Administrative Committee for 9 years and wanted to continue that tradition of community service in her new home-town of Townsend.  While living up Deep Creek, Jean noticed that many of the local activities were sponsored or co-sponsored by the Townsend Rotary Club.  She felt that the local Rotary Club would be a great organization to join to become actively involved in local community service.

Jean is also an avid Quilter and has become very active in the local Quilting Community. Jean and Vicki Harvey recently won the Quack'n Quilters annual Quilt race held at the Methodist Church on March 19th. Their quilt along with the second place quilt will be donated to Quilts of Valor.

Visit Jean Chesley Sautter on Facebook  to view Jean's quilting work and her hobby of photography.